Hydrostop Watertank


Flexible non-toxic waterproofing mortar for demanding applications. Its application to potable water tanks ensures the quality and sanitization of potable water as is certified for that purpose by the State General Chemical Laboratory of Greece (Ref:00178/015/000). The product meets the requirements of regulation EC 1935/2004 Article 28 of the Food and Drinks Code as well as those of German standards «Kunststoffe im Lebensmittelverkehr», § It provides excellent bonding strength and fully waterproofs the applied surfaces for many years. By virtue of its high flexibility and strong adhesion properties, it prevents the appearance of hairline or other shrinkage cracks after the application, while bridging the existing or future cracks of the substrate. Due to its special composition it assists into preserving human health by preventing the migration of hazardous substances into the water of watertanks. It provides excellent protection against carbonation and chloride attack of all cementitious substrates that is applied on, and it provides complete protection against sea (salt) water. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c) per EN 1504-2.

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