About us

Moustick - Durolight was founded in 1997 and has managed to become an established company in the production and distribution of construction products. Its cooperation with major companies from abroad has made it a leading company in its market, providing high quality services and products.

By studying the needs of the market, and mostly the latest changes concerning thermal and sound insulation of buildings, the company has given significant effort in the production of construction and thermal insulating materials and has created a new, modern production plant which spreads over an area of 4600m2 in the Tseri industrial area. This plant produces construction and thermal insulating building materials e. g.  highly thermal insulating plasters, screeds and expanded polystyrene beads for the production of lightweight concrete.

Moustick gives reliable and high quality solutions and high quality materials.

With the new technology applied, Moustick contributes in energy saving and in protecting the environment.


Petros Mouskis

Managing Director


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